Obama Fun Stuff

This post is for all of the fun video about and by Obama. No other President ever seemed so media-saavy, or was so telegenic and fun. So here’s to a President who made democracy fun. […]

Obama in Retirement and Unleashed

Us Capitol Building Washington Dc

What is it like to be a retired President? While many retired people struggle with purpose and even finances, most don’t have to struggle to find meaning and also the sense of having no more mountains to climb. What’s bigger than U.S. President these days? Pope?

And of course, there are only a few […]

Obama 2010-The Recovery

One of the things that Obama did-for at least for me-was a greater interest in politics. Sure, I grew up in the turbulent sixties and understood the importance of politics, but being an African-American it was always with a sense of not really belonging. Obama has cured that for me.

The ACA, signed into […]

Obama 2011-Obama Cares

While there was the killing of Bin Laden, we had other cares back in 2011

One of the many things I like about Obama was his inclusiveness, even towards people who were probably raised to dislike people like him. He would go to places for funerals where the people never even liked him. One […]

Obama 2015-The Real Lame Duck Year

To me, the reopening of Cuba was the real beginning of the end of the Cold War. The embargo made Cubans poor, perhaps in an unstated revenge for the audacity of having a revolution in the first place. Instead of dealing with why they thought Castro was a better bet than the Exiles, there […]

Obama 2016-The Final Year

The last year-race to the end of the road. Obama is now looking ahead to his future and his legacy as President: The following videos are below:

State of the Union 2016, 2016 Correspondents Dinner, Full Speech at the DNC, Final Speech As President State of the Union 2016 […]

Obama 2012-One More Time

Obama-the Reelection Year. He won and gave us another good four years of peace and prosperity. One thing I just remembered: No one will ever regret giving him another four years. Things went smoothly for the most part, and governance was sane-if not as liberal as some people wanted.

Presidents who have been re-elected […]

Obama 2014-Two More Years To Go

Times Square Costume Make Up Mime

denvit / Pixabay

The Democrats lose the Senate in November 2014 , and Obama begins to look forward to life outside the White House.

Immigration becomes a flashpoint-and people start looking ahead to the next term.

There was a flood of unaccompanied children and teens who were crossing the border-a premonition of what would […]

Obama 2013-A New Term and Making a New Start

Vote Word Letters Scrabble Vote

The year of 2013 was a 50th Anniversary of so many momentous events: the March on Washington, the Assassination of John F Kennedy. So many things came out of the latter: LBJ and the passage of the Civil Rights Acts, the Great Society, and the beginning of the social changes that have transformed America. […]

Obama 2009-A New America

janeb13 / Pixabay

He came in at a time that  was pretty devastating-700,000 jobs were lost in a month, bank credit was locked up, GM and the Auto Companies were teetering.  People were terrified, suicidal (I remember hearing stories of people pushed to the wall by the recession and killing themselves. There were record […]