Riden With Biden

Barack Obama Iphone Smile Relaxed

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I think that a lot of Democrats are misreading the mood of the Democratic primary voter. They think there’s a hunger for radical change. Maybe. But right now, exhausted by Trump’s narcissism, there is a yearning for sanity and calmness. Old shoe Biden looks like a steady and sane hand right […]

Obama 2012-One More Time

Obama-the Reelection Year. He won and gave us another good four years of peace and prosperity. One thing I just remembered: No one will ever regret giving him another four years. Things went smoothly for the most part, and governance was sane-if not as liberal as some people wanted.

Presidents who have been re-elected […]

Obama 2014-Two More Years To Go

Times Square Costume Make Up Mime

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The Democrats lose the Senate in November 2014 , and Obama begins to look forward to life outside the White House.

Immigration becomes a flashpoint-and people start looking ahead to the next term.

There was a flood of unaccompanied children and teens who were crossing the border-a premonition of what would […]

2008 Obama

Obama Videothon 2008

 For years I tried doing this with a table and web pages.  Last night I realized that it would be easier to give each year its own post.  People would look it up anyway.

Obama’s Victory Speech 2008

What a wonderful night it was.  I was too nervous to watch the […]

The Obama Video Postathon

I decided that instead of fooling with tables and page layouts, I would post all of the Obama and Obama related video I could find in a series of posts here. No, I won’t make them sticky posts, but at least they will be findable.

So lets get started with his first big national […]

Letterhead Jobs


No one with real world experience is surprised by the Hunter Biden job.   Name a company bigger than the corner store, and there will be some folks who are there because they are descended from the founder, related to the owner, or both.  Some are jobs gotten because the kid has nowhere else […]

Post Midterms

Am I the only person who actually feels more rested now that the Midterms are over, and the Blue Wave has washed over the land? Yes, Cheeto is still President. And there’s at least another 2 years of that, but at least his antics will have a check and balance on them through investigations […]