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Quietly building the bench to fight Covid-16 and Build Back Better

We have a Surgeon General!

Vivek Murthy has been chosen as Surgeon General in the Biden-Harris Administration, per @POLITICO

— United for the People 💛🥁 (@people4kam) December 3, 2020

Concern trolling about Biden picks is such crap. When you […]

Biden: Building Quietly

While Trump has been yelling about QAnon, conspiracies, and about running again in 2024, Joe Biden is ignoring the noise, and getting about the business of creating a working government. I wonder if it drives Trump crazy, the fact that Joe is ignoring him and going on his business, and not engaging him in […]

Riden With Biden

Barack Obama Iphone Smile Relaxed

janeb13 / Pixabay

I think that a lot of Democrats are misreading the mood of the Democratic primary voter. They think there’s a hunger for radical change. Maybe. But right now, exhausted by Trump’s narcissism, there is a yearning for sanity and calmness. Old shoe Biden looks like a steady and sane hand right […]

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