Let It Burn-We Don’t Need The Planet Anymore

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Putin will probably take a revolution, Trump an all court press next year in  2020, and Boris may well be on his way out of No 10 as we speak. Blogging while watching the world burn-both literally and figuratively.  The Amazon is on fire, California and Africa and the Arctic is too.  Meanwhile we have • Read More »

Uncle Sam’s Thanksgiving

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Happy Thanksgiving-this is no big Thanksgiving dinner in my family this year. My older sister has stopped cooking, my niece stopped cooking because it reminds her of my late mother (she passed away 2 years ago). But I’m thankful anyway. I won’t have to make plans for Costa Rica for at least 2 years, don’t • Read More »

Post Midterms

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Am I the only person who actually feels more rested now that the Midterms are over, and the Blue Wave has washed over the land? Yes, Cheeto is still President. And there’s at least another 2 years of that, but at least his antics will have a check and balance on them through investigations and • Read More »

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Things that the Resistance Has Done Right

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After a couple of years, and a massive Blue Wave midterm, its a good time to assess the Resistance and its successes.. I remember a saying “history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes”. With so many people noticing parallels with the 1930’s, with an embrace of open Nazism and authoritarianism, its easy to over look its Resistance • Read More »

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President Grover Cleveland (1897) On Immigration

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I have been working on a set of Civics Cards for weeks.  I have Presidents, States, am working on the Supreme Court, the Constitution, House and Senate,  The Supreme Court and even the 2 Major Parties.  These are flash cards with info on them, and the completed set will be about 400 Cards when finished.  • Read More »

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My Two Forums

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If opening up my site to comments wasn’t enough, I actually decided to have a couple of forums. One is Hillary Haven, a safe place to talk about Hillary free from trolls and Bernie Bros: hopefully it will be the Hillary Version of the Obama Diary. The other is Between Elections: Civics and Organizing and • Read More »

Mad about Kavanaugh? Information You Can Use.

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Lifehacker link for voter information Rides to the Polls: A bit of information I did not know: You don’t need postage to send off your absentee ballot. The US Postal Service will deliver ballots even without postage. Call first For YMCA and check and see if available for 2018. Time • Read More »

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Hillary’s Popcorn

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“Lock Her Up”? While she is no doubt diusappointed in not being President, she probably is loving the fact that all the Trump Officials who chanted that phrase are in legal trouble. Projection, anyone?