Here We Come To Save The Day

Biden’s Coronovirus Plan.

I’m astonished at Biden’s pace.  Nobody is hanging around wasting time.  They do more in a day than a lot of administrations have done in a month.  Maybe it’s Covid.  With all the restaurants closed to indoor dining, and other distractions closed, and a lot of people working from home, there are fewer new to town distractions.  Plus since Biden is hiring old hands, people are eager to work hard on what has to be an immense challenge.

One of the advantages of Biden’s age is not having to give a damn either about re-election, legacy, or people’s opinions.  So all speed ahead despite Republican whining.  There’s nothing they can say to make him turn around or slow down., @Potus, @VP, Whitehouse Facebook

Also, rest in peace Hank Aaron. I remember the race for 714 very well. Seemed like nobody would ever pass Babe Ruth-either his yearly record or his career. Will anyone ever come close? Nobody has so far, either Babe’s or Henry’s career HRs. Why? I suspect one backbone of that was that he stayed with pretty much the same team all his career despite ups and downs. Free agency makes superstars travel a bit. While there’s more money, moving interrupts routines a bit. And starting over means some resets. In any case:

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