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Trumpers are still keeping up the notion that because Biden didn’t have covid-spreading rallies that nobody really voted for him.

However, people who go to rallies are not necessarily voters for the candidate.  Some come out for curiosity. Others are already sold on the candidate and just want to see him/her. Not to mention party members who are there to lend support-but are not readily noticeable. Candidates get votes from people who cannot attend rallies. From people who are nervous around crowds and would flee from them, but support his agenda.  From people who don’t need a rally to make up their minds about the candidate.  That’s how you get to 81 million votes.  They already knew Joe and trusted him, and in a time of Covid did not need to take the risk even if he had structured it so they could attend. Trumpers are about to say the same about the Inauguration.  But Biden cares about his people and does not want to infect them.

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