Biden’s Inauguration is taking shape

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The shape of Biden’s Inauguration is taking shape.  It will be mostly virtual and small scale.  There will only be 2000 invitees this time instead of the usual mass crowds.

The viewing stand in front of the White House is being taken down in favor of a virtual parade. Bands from all over America are being invited to participate.

While afterwards there will be a reviewing of the Guard, balls are going virtual this time.

Inauguration: Biden to get ‘escort’ to White House, ‘virtual’ parade (

Biden will have a military escort from 15th street to the Capitol instead of being driven from a breakfast with the previous President.

There will be the Covid memorial the night before with its lights and church bells.

Biden inauguration to feature COVID-19 memorial light show (

Biden will also have, like Obama did, a National Day of Service on MLK day as well.

More on Twitter: And #Inauguration2021

Are you making special arrangements for the day? As for me, I’m wondering if my DVR can record 24 hours of CSPAN, trying to get bubbly for the 20th, and will take delivery of any Biden-Harris swag in lieu of blog support.

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