Living in the Biden Transition

I’m more than ready to leave Trump in the rearview mirror-and looking at his fellow Governors, Senators, et al, they are too.

I want to talk about his appointments, preparations for his inaugural and about the two dogs and a cat that will be joining him.

And what about that? A campaign that has been so careful for so long is hardly going to drop the ball this late in the game. Balls? Maybe a small one. The rest is fluff except for the swearing in ceremony.

When I think about situations where an inauguration happens during a crisis, two years come to mind: 1865 and 1945. Now in both cases, we had a crisis that was on the downslope- the South and the Nazis were losing the war. And because the nation rallied around the incumbent, there was less desire to really celebrate. And the massive losses doubtless led to even less desire.

This underlines how bad Trump really is. Far from rallying around him, People are running away, despite the need for assurance. And now back to Biden’s transition.

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