A lot has happened since March

First of all, Joe won the whole thing! While I hoped that Kamala would also come through, I could barely hope that they would be a team, but they are, and they will be a good one.

I will be following the Biden Administration closely as well as continuing my big project-the State and Civics pages on the sidebar, now that I no longer have to hold my breath regarding what happens in the election. There’s a real need for just basic information about structure, let alone function, which would have helped sorely over this last week. Now for the victory speeches:

I might even have a time for a few rants and raves now that I am self-isolating. (I was in the hospital last week-heart, not COVID). Back to ordering champagne online, which is what I want to have while watching the Biden Inauguration next January. Hopefully it will be as innovative as the DNC Convention was back in August.

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