The Seven Minute Rally

Berners and probably Trumpists are saying that he must be senile-he only spoke for 10 minutes or so today. Given what’s out there, it may not be such a bad idea to keep it short. Fire up the troops and get out of there. So what Bernie spoke for 30 minutes? A lot of what is said at a rally is wasted anyway. Few people pay attention to the warmup speakers, and after 15 minutes or so, the mind tends to wander. So #Where’sJoe? Anywhere he wants to go.

If what I’m seeing on line is any indication, we are seeing in real time the stages of grief-especially what happens when it’s a sudden loss. Up until last Saturday everybody expected Bernie to have a commanding lead by now. Even the most pessimistic gave him a lead. Nobody, even fearful me, thought Joe had a real chance at this. But last Tuesday…..Denial (The California count will change everything) Anger (The DNC closed polling places). Wondering how long we will have before they get to Bargaining and finally Acceptance?

I kept thinking what would happen to us Joe people if the situation had been reversed. Or back in 2008 with Obama, for that matter. Leadership matters. They would have seen the writing on the wall, dropped out as soon as it was clear they wouldn’t have won, done so graciously and encouraged us to support the winner and start working on lower level races. Because he and Obama weren’t/aren’t in it just for their egos. They have a vision of the greater good, and sometimes you need to subordinate your ego in order to get there.

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