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October 7, 2019 | By CarolDuhart2 | Filed in: Obama and the Obamas.

I can only think of two Presidents in my lifetime that inspired positive creativity-one, Kennedy, the other, Obama. Kennedy’s tenure was too short to see if he would have inspired much-but he was at least a supporter of the fine arts in a way never seen before. There was opera, ballet, poetry in the East Room. There were Hollywood celebs around-which was really unprecedented. Sure an occasional star maybe came to visit, but this was something new. After than, the relationship between the Presidency and the arts was frosty to say the least.

First, Vietnam, and then later Nixon’s hostility towards Hollywood cooled things a bit. Reagan was from Hollywood, but it was pre-Elvis and even pre-Rat Pack Hollywood. No swagger there or even relevance.

Maybe if there had been more tools, there would have been Kennedy videos and such. But it was Obama who was not only a sponsor of the arts, but an inspiration as well. There are hundreds of these videos from both imitators and from actual stars-too many to put on this site.

In any event, I’d like to show you a few of the fun videos to lighten up the mood for the first President of YouTube.

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