Obama 2015-The Real Lame Duck Year

To me, the reopening of Cuba was the real beginning of the end of the Cold War. The embargo made Cubans poor, perhaps in an unstated revenge for the audacity of having a revolution in the first place.  Instead of dealing with why they thought Castro was a better bet than the Exiles,  there was a hope that things would get so miserable there would be a revolt and the Exiles would come back and take over again.  For a while help from Russia could be blamed for this not happening, but after 1989 when the former Soviet Union stopped their subsidies, there still was no revolt even with immense poverty.  All the embargo really did was isolate Cuba from the wider world.   It made the claims of “democratization” hollow when Saudi Arabia and China were taken on as trade partners even with their retrograde politics.  Even worse regimes had at least some diplomatic relations.   Obama finally recognized this and began the process of normalization with Cuba.


Paris Terrorist Attack

Charleston Church Shooting

Re-establish relations with Cuba

Iran Nuclear Agreement

10th Anniversary of Katrina

First Visit By Sitting President to the Arctic Circle

Community College Shooting

San Bernardino Shooting

2015 State of the Union

2015 Correspondent’s Dinner

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