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October 7, 2019 | By CarolDuhart2 | Filed in: Obama and the Obamas.

While there was the killing of Bin Laden, we had other cares back in 2011

One of the many things I like about Obama was his inclusiveness, even towards people who were probably raised to dislike people like him. He would go to places for funerals where the people never even liked him. One time I believe he was even booed. But that didn’t stop him from being the President for everybody. He reached out to former enemies to work out a mutually positive solution. Iran, Cuba were the most notable. There was the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and loosening up the restrictions on tourism and such for Cuba. He worked to end the war in Iraq. To the extent he could do so, he wanted to end the War on Terror-and by bottling up ISIS and killing bin Laden, he took steps that should have allowed for a winding down.

Obama worked on ending another long and futile war. The War on Drugs. While he was unable to end marijuana criminalization nationally, he let Washington, Colorado and other states legalize it, and he commuted dozens of too-long sentences for drug possession

The culture war on gays ended too. Gay marriage was legalized, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was ended, and he openly embraced diversity in his Administration.

If we get through this Trump dystopia, a lot of the credit will be directly, or indirectly because of Obama. With his training of organizers, activists, and his empowering independent campaigning, he provided the Resistance with the necessary tools. He has stood as a moral contract to the gouger-and grifter in chief. He provided a decent enough economy so that people didn’t fear that their activism would lose their jobs.

The Obama Foundation is right now training new leaders for the rest of the century. The place is intended to be a source of community and world development-the official archives will be kept elsewhere #ObamaLeaders. #ObamaFellows. Building people who want to serve, instead of just another museum that only a few can visit. Only the Kennedy Foundation seems to come close to that. The Clinton Foundation is more a charity than a maker of leaders.

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