Let It Burn-We Don’t Need The Planet Anymore

Putin will probably take a revolution, Trump an all court press next year in  2020, and Boris may well be on his way out of No 10 as we speak.

Blogging while watching the world burn-both literally and figuratively.  The Amazon is on fire, California and Africa and the Arctic is too.  Meanwhile we have the two worst leaders in the English speaking world at the helm right now.  That’s a fire too, but one that will take more effort to put out.  We can pour water over the trees that are burning and hope to extinguish it.  If only it were so easy with Trump, Putin, and Boris Johnson (although the Brits may well be close to doing it).

There’s a scene in Lord of the Rings where Denethor, the Steward of Minis Tirith, breaks his staff in despair and demands to be burned alive. His suicide for me indicates his lack of care for those who he would left behind to handle what comes next. Same here with the leaders I mentioned. It’s a fundamental selfishness that says, “my life/world is ending, why should I keep those who are unworthy a world?

Toxic masculinity indeed-toxic to the natural world as well as the political world. Having a world they cannot dominate is considered feminine thinking. It’s men who can’t have erections who would rather die that live with the inevitable changes of age and the changing demographics that mean that are no longer top of the heap. It’s those who have looked up to the sky for years hoping for a rapture that now clearly isn’t coming-at least not before they die and deciding that only force will bring it about.

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