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January 2019
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New And Fresh Restart

Welcome to the Coffeehouse, where I hope this is a hub of energetic and intelligent discussion. I have 3 blogs for more diverse discussion, but if all you are interested is how I’m doing and general info, stop here before going to the rest. God only knows why I have 3 blogs, but I do, and hopefully I will have enough material for all four of these doorstops of blogs. I can say that, since I’m happy when I get even one visitor at all. (You mean you actually know where this is?) (I haven’t moved up to caring whether you like them yet.)

Also, I hope I don’t have to move anymore for hosting. This place has worked like a smoothly running Rolex, no hiccups, plenty of space and good support. ( The old place-and I’m grateful for all the help-was basically a legacy of a legacy, and probably had issues due to that. When I had difficulty loading my blogs when I barely had traffic, I had to move.) Here is like moving to a server farm with enormous space.

Unlike previous iterations, I finally have the time and energy to actually devote to this thing. Retirement is great, isn’t it? Sure, there’s the money issue-hit the donation button if you want to help. But at least now the money is consistent and isn’t reliant on whether or not I’m willing to get out of bed, stand at a cold bus stop in 12 inch snow and hope that the bus(es) I need to take isn’t stuck in a snowdrift, broken down, or just having to make a long detour. When I was in the process of retiring last year, this was one of the things I was looking forward to, January mornings indoors drinking coffee, watching tv, and watching the snow fall. Unfortunately last year was sinus infection where I spent a week practically in bed. But I could actually spend that week without worrying about my job.