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January 2019
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New And Fresh Restart

Welcome to the Coffeehouse, where I hope this is a hub of energetic and intelligent discussion. I have 3 blogs for more diverse discussion, but if all you are interested is how I’m doing and general info, stop here before going to the rest. God only knows why I have 3 blogs, but I do, and hopefully I will have enough material for all four of these doorstops of blogs. I can say that, since I’m happy when I get even one visitor at all. (You mean you actually know where this is?) (I haven’t moved up to caring whether you like them yet.)

Also, I hope I don’t have to move anymore for hosting. This place has worked like a smoothly running Rolex, no hiccups, plenty of space and good support. ( The old place-and I’m grateful for all the help-was basically a legacy of a legacy, and probably had issues due to that. When I had difficulty loading my blogs when I barely had traffic, I had to move.) Here is like moving to a server farm with enormous space.

Unlike previous iterations, I finally have the time and energy to actually devote to this thing. Retirement is great, isn’t it? Sure, there’s the money issue-hit the donation button if you want to help. But at least now the money is consistent and isn’t reliant on whether or not I’m willing to get out of bed, stand at a cold bus stop in 12 inch snow and hope that the bus(es) I need to take isn’t stuck in a snowdrift, broken down, or just having to make a long detour. When I was in the process of retiring last year, this was one of the things I was looking forward to, January mornings indoors drinking coffee, watching tv, and watching the snow fall. Unfortunately last year was sinus infection where I spent a week practically in bed. But I could actually spend that week without worrying about my job.

Back From the Holiday

This is one Christmas that wasn’t really a Christmas for thousands of Federal Employees, and pretty much everyone else. Not having a job to go to does that to people who rely on them.

Remember when the Holiday was a much needed break from politics? Nothing happened especially on the Presidential level. Only emergencies that were large enough for Presidential intervention broke through the news on a national level. We mostly heard about local tragedies such as fires, floods, and such that could be easily ignored if you didn’t live there.

Congress was also out for the holidays, both winners and losers alike, winners celebrating, losers consoling themselves with Christmas brandy. So there was little Congressional news or actions after December 7th or so. And if there were differences between the House and the Senate, or between the parties about items in the Federal Budget, so that it ran out of money and time, Congress would pass a routine CR (Continuing Resolution) early in December so that everybody could go home .As soon as that vote was taken, (and passage was never in doubt), everyone wished each other “Happy Holidays”, drank the spiked egg-nog and cookies passed around the hall, and promptly adjourned for about 3 weeks until New Years passed and it was time to go back to work on January 3rd.

The losers were left free to quietly slink out of town, clearing their office and packing (and swiping) extra office supplies. Soon to be unemployed staff munching leftover turkey, updating resumes and slipping away afterward home for the holidays as soon as possible. No reason to stay in town. Winners quietly moved in their offices, while munching over leftover turkey, emptying boxes of new office supplies that replaced the previous swiped ones, putting name plates on doors, and getting new business cards.

Presidents left town to relax-usually somewhere warm and expensive. Country estates, beachfront properties, back to the old homestead to golf, ski, and swim. With recent Presidents: Obama went to Hawaii, Shrub to his ranch, Clinton to wherever he went to (I wasn’t following up that much with Big Bill in those days). Generally speaking, the Presidents left town regardless of issues otherwise. Since there was really rarely a need for Congress to be in session, Presidents mostly felt that being in Washington for the holidays was the Presidential equivalent of twiddling one’s thumbs.

Next time you saw them, they were in tropical shirts, ski wear, or sitting around the old family fireplace.

Another tradition spoiled. Narcissists must narcissist, and Trump was no exception, whining about being alone at the Whitehouse, his enemies, and everything else. That nobody wanted to spend the holiday with his whining ass, not even Melania who probably spent her holiday in another Wing, eating Christmas cookies, drinking Everclear eggnog and wondering if inheriting billions was worth all of this. Hoping for a Jackie Kennedy ending to this, where she has another life with perhaps another billionaire with more manners and heart.

So there was no downtime to relax for the nation. Christmas was another occasion where the attention was taken off him and his neediness. So all must suffer in revenge.