Things that the Resistance Has Done Right

November 20, 2018 | By CarolDuhart2 | Filed in: 2018, 2020 and beynd.

After a couple of years, and a massive Blue Wave midterm, its a good time to assess the Resistance and its successes.. I remember a saying “history doesn’t repeat, it rhymes”. With so many people noticing parallels with the 1930’s, with an embrace of open Nazism and authoritarianism, its easy to over look its Resistance is pretty effective.

First of all, unlike the battling factions of the 1930’s, we’ve remained remarkably united, despite a more diverse coalition and all its different needs. Next, we’ve remained non-violent, depriving Trump and his sympathizers of a means to create both sympathy and a reason to use the iron fist. It was the battling factions that gave both the authoritarians of the 1930 and Nixon of the 1970’s an excuse of “law and order”. Without violence, we’ve stayed united -and effective. The result has been the ability to at least gain some real power and some real results, like the overturning of some bans, the release of some of the kidnapped children, and electoral reform. And now we have some real power and ability to at least blunt Trump’s insanity.

Its the women, smartie. This time its the visuals: Pink hats instead of leather berets, signs instead of guns slung over shoulders, Nurturing instead of swagger and boasting.

Lessons were learned from the 1960’s and the long drought of the 1970’s. Go for attainable goals instead of revolution in the streets. The groups that went for the latter, if not broken up, faded as there was no where to go after the war and after politics brought at least some positive changes. They left only memories. We can be in this for the long haul.

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