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September 2018
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My Two Forums

If opening up my site to comments wasn’t enough, I actually decided to have a couple of forums. One is Hillary Haven, a safe place to talk about Hillary free from trolls and Bernie Bros: hopefully it will be the Hillary Version of the Obama Diary. The other is Between Elections: Civics and Organizing and Voter Registrtion and the like. Both forums are going to be members only and topic based. Why did I do this????

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  • I will keep blogging, a little more frequently than I usually do. Welcome! How did you get here?

  • EmbraceYourInnerCrone

    Good morning thank you for the suggestion!I want to do something but physically marching probably beyond me. I give a bit to the ACLU and planned parenthood usually the state ones in red states but I feel helpless and depressed some days. But better to do even a little to fight him than nothing at all. I like your blogs and hope you keep writing.