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There are appoximately 4k positions that are appointed in the Executive Branch. This tracker, stuck on top of this blog until February 1, will be a running tracker of the appointments.

Biden administration political appointees: Who is filling key roles – Washington Post

Keeping up with more than a few can be quite taxing, especially the smaller ones that don’t get much publicity. But even the smallest and most obscure appointee can have impact on someone’s life. So know them all.

Here We Come To Save The Day

Biden’s Coronovirus Plan.

I’m astonished at Biden’s pace.  Nobody is hanging around wasting time.  They do more in a day than a lot of administrations have done in a month.  Maybe it’s Covid.  With all the restaurants closed to indoor dining, and other distractions closed, and a lot of people working from home, there are fewer new to town distractions.  Plus since Biden is hiring old hands, people are eager to work hard on what has to be an immense challenge.

One of the advantages of Biden’s age is not having to give a damn either about re-election, legacy, or people’s opinions.  So all speed ahead despite Republican whining.  There’s nothing they can say to make him turn around or slow down., @Potus, @VP, Whitehouse Facebook

Also, rest in peace Hank Aaron. I remember the race for 714 very well. Seemed like nobody would ever pass Babe Ruth-either his yearly record or his career. Will anyone ever come close? Nobody has so far, either Babe’s or Henry’s career HRs. Why? I suspect one backbone of that was that he stayed with pretty much the same team all his career despite ups and downs. Free agency makes superstars travel a bit. While there’s more money, moving interrupts routines a bit. And starting over means some resets. In any case:

For Now:…The Arnold

Like you, I have been staggered by what has happened on Wednesday. Something that should have been routine was turned into a horror show with 6 people dead, 60 cops injured, and a nation wounded.

Now for his video:

New Hires

Trumpers are still keeping up the notion that because Biden didn’t have covid-spreading rallies that nobody really voted for him.

However, people who go to rallies are not necessarily voters for the candidate.  Some come out for curiosity. Others are already sold on the candidate and just want to see him/her. Not to mention party members who are there to lend support-but are not readily noticeable. Candidates get votes from people who cannot attend rallies. From people who are nervous around crowds and would flee from them, but support his agenda.  From people who don’t need a rally to make up their minds about the candidate.  That’s how you get to 81 million votes.  They already knew Joe and trusted him, and in a time of Covid did not need to take the risk even if he had structured it so they could attend. Trumpers are about to say the same about the Inauguration.  But Biden cares about his people and does not want to infect them.

Biden World

yellow balloon beside white balloon
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I want to spend time in Biden World for the next couple of weeks.  Trump world is dying slowly and I would rather not sit around watching it.  Despite the spectacle on Wednesday, the die is cast.  The House will not go along with the Senate-and its getting clearer that the Senate would rather make a statement and move on too.

So this blog will be focusing on Inauguration stuff and fluff.  Will there be balls? What about preparations for that virtual parade?  Will the military escort go off without a hitch?

I also want you to comment and let me know if you are making plans for the 20th.  Me, I hope to get a glass of champagne and some party snacks for the big day and hope my DVR has enough capacity for a24 hour recording.

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