The 2021 Inauguration Chart

One boon for American astrologers is the fact that new Presidential terms start on the same day, date, and time, regardless of who is-or becomes-President. The timing is out of their hands. So here’s the chart for 2021:

American 2021 Iniuguration Chart

Yes, it’s always Washington DC, at Noon, January 20th of the year after the Presidential Election. I wonder why January 20th? Sure, nobody wants to interfere with the holidays-either by having the festivities-and the preparations thereby- overwhelm things. And I’m sure weather was a factor.

When I first looked at this chart, I was distressed by the Saturn/Sun conjunction in the Tenth combined with the Pluto at the Midheaven in the Ninth. Autocracy-a hidden foreign influence on this term? Saturn/Sun is often very restrained-I thought it would be pretty autocratic. And Pluto there is even more so, with massive power placed behind that control.

  • Elements:
  • Fire-just Moon in Aries
  • Water-Just Neptune in Pisces
  • Air- Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury-all in Aquarius
  • Earth-Pluto in Capricorn, Venus in Capricorn, Uranus and Mars in Taurus
  • Fixed: Six Planets
  • Mutable: One
  • Cardinal: Three

A pretty outward facing and austere chart. The slow walk home with the hangover?


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