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  • Climbing Mt Everest: What’s next?

    I was surprised to see the traffic jam at Mt Everest. People literally huddled next to each other waiting for what had to be a minute or two at the summit. It resembled to me more like a corporate self-development seminar than a real accomplishment, more a white middle aged rite of passage than something • Read More » The post Climbing Mt Everest: What’s next? appeared first on CarolDuhart's Coffeehouse Door and Blog Empire.

  • Countdown to Summer

    Summer 2019 Friday, June 21, 2019 Monday, September 23, 2019 A feature: Video of the Day. Come back daily for a new find in the vast world of YouTube. I also plan to start listing places like monasteries and convents and National Parks. So look for serenity inside and outside the box! First Video: I Love • Read More » The post Countdown to Summer appeared first on Carol Duhart2's Nature and Meditation Blog.

  • Relocate, Remodel, Revamp

    To anyone who has found this blog and then lost it-I had to move to a new place with more space and stability. After having the blogs take more than a few minutes to come up at the old place, I got a suggestion about where I could move. And I took down the old • Read More » The post Relocate, Remodel, Revamp appeared first on Carol Duhart2's Nature and Meditation Blog.

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Privacy Policy

Ying Yang Cats from 2000 or so

Many pages have an elaborate privacy policy page filled with exceptions and explanations. My policy is very simple: I have no control over outside resources. I use Disqus for comments because keeping up with all of you trogodytes is hard even on an advanced Generation Joneser like me. I was taking courses in computer programming when we had to make a very distant computer add two plus two. So I’m not all that afraid of tech-but not very good at the hard stuff.

Back to the main point. I don’t sell your information, and if you want personal services (about that later) I will keep your privacy. Also if you email me privately, I will respect that as well.

I also will keep your privacy with direct emails to me as well.

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