The First Presidential Debate

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The first encounter. There is more uncertainty about the format than the people involved. Will it be socially distanced, or even on Zoom?
One thing is certain-there will be no audience to whoop and holler and drown out the speakers. That was one thing I liked about the Berrnie-Biden debate: Actually hearing what the speakers had to say, and also how respectful they were and intelligent.

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My Hillary Speculative Chart: 10:30 Am

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Uncanny how it seems to fit her-she has been a public figure since college-Sun in Tenth, the eleventh house cluster working with groups and benefits from it, the Eighth House Cluster good for clandestine work like the State Department, the Uranus Seventh regarding her marriage, the Pisces Third lets her make anywhere her home. A • Read More »

More Hillary

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This is a solar natal for Hillary Clinton. It’s for her hometown, but with her time in dispute (8:02 am /pm). There is enough to work with so far. Personally, I think there’s a newspaper birth announcement that should clarify it all-that was a practice at the time, but until someone mines those files, her • Read More »

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Scorpio-And My Late Mother

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Scorpio-The Scorpion

My mother, who has been dancing with the angels for 3 years now, was a Scorpio (10/26/1920-5/3/2016).  Warm, loyal, and having more insight than i realized.  I still miss her. With Scorpio, still waters run deep and those waters are powerful enough to move mountains and unearth deeply buried secrets. Someone should have told Tulsi • Read More »

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Millenials, Gen X, Astrology

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Recently, rationalists are alarmed at the growing interest in the subject by the new generation.  They fear that the new interest is a gateway to climate change denial and all the rest. Perhaps “rationalists” ought to consider that their  so-called “logical thinking” may not be. Last but not least, to many divines, rationalists, and others, • Read More »

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