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October 27, 2019 | By CarolDuhart2 | Filed in: Current Events, Uncategorized.

This is a solar natal for Hillary Clinton. It’s for her hometown, but with her time in dispute (8:02 am /pm). There is enough to work with so far.

Personally, I think there’s a newspaper birth announcement that should clarify it all-that was a practice at the time, but until someone mines those files, her time is speculation only. Apparently the bulk of asking about the time involves asking her or her mother, which does’t usually work because of memories. I learned about that when I speculated about my own. I was told 9:30 am or so, but found out from my hospital records it was 10: 05, which my birth certificate confirmed for me. Of course, I have access to my own stuff-but for others……Personally, I think given all the groups she works with, she’s Capricorn rising with Neptune in the Eleventh. Moon still in Pisces, which creates a link with Chelsea. Moon in Aries would make her more personally combative,more likely to be a general type than the more retiring type she tries to be.

My Speculative, and yet uncharted time for me, is 10:30 am, which puts that cluster in the Eleventh, Neptune in the 10 (international woman of mystery and her public image as justice seeker, and that Uranus in the Seventh, for a most unconventional and freer marriage than was acceptable at the time. Bill was probably the first guy who didn’t object her having a career or using her mind instead of baking cookies at the Governor’s mansion.

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