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Scorpio-And My Late Mother

My mother, who has been dancing with the angels for 3 years now, was a Scorpio (10/26/1920-5/3/2016).  Warm, loyal, and having more insight than i realized.  I still miss her.

With Scorpio, still waters run deep and those waters are powerful enough to move mountains and unearth deeply buried secrets.

Someone should have told Tulsi Gabbard that.  She probably thought that the hidden Republican/Russian support for her would stay hidden until it was far too late to change her narrative. She no doubt thought she would romp to re-election in her seat and have a safe perch to snipe at the eventual Dem nominee.  Oops?  Sniping at Scorpio will cost you the fake clothes you are wearing and expose you for who you really are.  Like going shopping at Nieman Marcus in a stolen fur coat and handbags.

Trump the double sided, erratic Gemini is learning it too.  His triumph over Hillary-stolen no doubt, has been and is doing to him what Tulsi is now just learning.  Scorpio won’t get into direct fights-their opponents prefer that sort of thing because its short, sweet, and gives them a reason to pose.

If Scorpio loses fair and square, the Eagle Scorpio accepts the loss and works to salvage the situation.  Notice that Obama had no problem with Hillary, sees her as a strong peer, and sleeps soundly in his retirement.  Trump may (for now) sit in the seat that rightly belongs to her, but his empire is crumbling around him-financial losses are going to be followed by other losses.  Should have stayed laundering illicit Russian real estate money.  I’m just waiting for the day Melania takes the only suitcase left filled with the only money Trump has left.

And don’t forget that Joe Biden is also a Scorpio who has triumphed over adversity-illness, loss and whatnot that would have cratered another man.  Trump might have gotten away with part of his skin intact if he had stopped with the steal.  But tangling with another Scorpio set into motion forces that may ruin him and his party and may even force him out earlier than planned.

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