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June 19, 2019 | By CarolDuhart2 | Filed in: Current Events, Everyday Astrology.

Recently, rationalists are alarmed at the growing interest in the subject by the new generation.  They fear that the new interest is a gateway to climate change denial and all the rest. Perhaps “rationalists” ought to consider that their  so-called “logical thinking” may not be.

Last but not least, to many divines, rationalists, and others, it’s a sign that merely shouting “irrational” or “demonic” is no longer enough to hold authority.  How could the generation, first with Neptune in Scorpio, and later with Pluto in the self-same sign, be scared off by such pettiness?  Both groups are built for exploring the mysteries, and unless they find the search wanting, will not give up on the search.  And if they find what they are looking for?

It isn’t astrologers who are pushing this fear-based stuff. No astrology book advocates, let alone mentions, climate change denial, or opposes vaccines.  And the rest of it-Big Foot, Ancient Aliens, and the like, are just amusing.  But they think that we are a gateway to the other stuff.  But how? They think that it’s irrational, and that society’s acceptance opens the door to this other stuff.

It’s the fear-based fundies who look nervously up in the sky, counting down the days until a Rapture of such takes them away from all of the homosexuals, liberals, Muslims and such.  And leaves everybody else to supposedly suffer for not letting them run things..who buy into the fear-based stuff.

The old idea of astrologers fearing every flick of the moving planets-is just that, an old idea.   And considering that until the 60’s or so a lot of the practice was illegal on one hand, and condemned by some religions on the other.  Fear wasn’t irrational when you could be arrested or even burned at the stake.  And even those who had some protection-say the court astrologers of the day, had to fear royal displeasure.

What I have learned in 40 years is that the quest for meaning is a universal one-some find religion, others in philosophy.  Compared to a lot of ideas out there, astrology is several things-first non-hierarchal To millennials who have been burned by fundamentalists and their strict rules, and the revelation of “for thee, not me” in any of them, the astrologer is a philosophical/spiritual person who isn’t trying to make them dependent, afraid or run their lives.  Nor is likely to condemn them for being gay, or trans, or other things not quite according to a group of rules.

Another thing is that a reading is cheap compared to seminars, retreats, and those “business” exercises.  It’s private too.

Have they ever wondered why, despite their railing against astrology, why it has never gone away? The human search for meaning is one reason, and another, it works. It works.

In a way, I’ve run into this before. Growing social anxiety leads to people looking for answers in unusual places-and in non-judgmental ones too. The astrologers’s answer is simply-“this will pass” and “you can cope with this”.

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