Water: Thunderstorms

Thunder at Buckingham Palace

What are thunderstorms? Thunderstorms are electrical storms, often featuring not only thunder, but lightning as well

Thundersnow Thundersnow is the winter equivalent of summer thunderstorms, but with snow falling as well as rain. There can even be lightning like its summer cousin. The only real difference is that the clouds could be a bit lower than in the summertime.

NOAA’s Thunderstorm Watch This is the National Oceanic’s site that constantly monitors the formation and tracking of thunderstorms.

As you can see, thunderstorms can form at anytime, though the thundersnow phenomenon is a little less common.

That refreshing scent and feel after a thunderstorm? Plant oils and ozone, not to mention that the rain and wind may disperse lingering odors. Also, the weather is at least temporarily cooler.

Endless thunderstorm

Best experienced indoors as one is going to sleep. Keep the radio on for the alerts though.

Once the thunderstorm is over, explore more of the element of water and its soothing sounds.