Water: Soft Snowfall

snowy pathway surrounded by bare tree
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels.com

Unlike the blizzard, the snow falls quietly and softly, inch by inch, rising over fenceposts and gates, glazing the trees. The traffic muffles until the traffic finally gives in and lets the snow take over. And after that, just quiet except for the occasionally breaking branch, crunch underfoot, or the lonely bark of a stray dog. Best enjoyed inside, but a few hardy souls like walking in it while its still falling

Who says cats don’t like snow? These cats apparently do like to play in it just fine-and so does their owner..

Yes, cats like warmth: sleeping by a fireplace seems heaven to them, but they will play in the snow for a few minutes from time to time.

What is snow? Snow is accumulating ice crystals. Snow forms at 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees F). The highest temperature it can snow is: at least in the United States it was Jacksonville, Florida at 53 degrees F. The lowest ? For minus 10F)(minus 10C). Below that ice crystals can form, but more likely as ice fog).

The deepest snow ever was Mount Ibuki in 1927, which recorded 38. 8 feet deep of the white stuff Deep enough to get lost in? Certainly. But any hiker or skiier would have been indoors anyway.

The snowiest place in the United States is Paradise Ranger Station, Mount Ranier, Washington. The average snowfall is 645 and a half inches a year. The least snowiest place would be: Hawaii-not surprising. The snowiest place in the world would be somewhere in Japan, which receives the most snow in the world

The earliest and latest it snows is: in the United States, September 23, 1989 (measurable) and the latest (May 31st, 1893). But there have been a few freak storms that fall out of the usual range.

No matter where, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

And snow is just another phase of water the cold phase. Rivers, lakes, thunderstorms, summer rain and many more places to find water and explore it.