Water: Running Water

waves crashing against a rocky shore
Waves against rocks

The Longest Video of Just A Faucet Running

Zone out to the sound of running water, a sound that creates a wall that drowns (sp) out other noises. Think of the faucet running, and the waterfall running over the cliff, rivers constantly flowing, and even the waves constantly hitting the rocks outside a rocky shore. It’s all running water.Rise and shine and then nod off to the sound of a faucet running in the sink. Yes, it’s morning, but not ready to be morning.

Running water also falls into a category of ” white noise”. White noise is non-musical, no tempo sound that’s flat and regular. Running water is just that, a sound that works as a buzz. These sounds allow a person to relax by zoning out and by covering up of other noise.

Niagara Falls