Water: Blizzard

low angle photography of building
Photo by Longxiang Qian on Pexels.com

The lively sound of winter snow, with whipping winds and swirling now, howling weather as loud as wolves’ cry. The now and then rattle of windows and a rush of cold air through cracks.

Keep warm and dry.

What are blizzards? In a sense, blizzards are the winter equivalent of thunderstorms (although there are winter thunderstorms). Winds have to be at least 35 mph, and the snow has to last at least 3 hours. While blizzards are usually sky-based, there can be situations where already fallen snow can be whipped up with a strong enough wind.

10 hours…I like the longer videos (8-10 hours) because its long enough for a good night’s sleep. While the shorter ones of 3-4 hours allow for a nap or time to finish tasks, the longer ones are more restful.

The largest blizzard in history was back in 1993, which spanned the entire United States. There was snow as far south as Honduras.

There’s more sounds of nature, to soothe minds and to create a retreat from the world from time to time. There’s more: thunderstorms, running water, water, fire, earth, air.