Water: The Beach

Ancient Roman Bath

Laze in the sand, or stroll the boardwalk and listen to the waves, seagulls, sea lions and the conversation among beachcombers. There is nothing more soothing than early mornings on the beach

Can you really hear the ocean through a seashell?

The sea, where life began and some think that where it will go back to. Gills to lungs, fins to feet.

So, stand at the shore and let the weaves cover your feet, the sand lodge between your toes. Watching for something to break the endless horizon while hearing the faint sounds of dolphins and the crying of seagulls.

And immense yourself in the world of water, the lakes, the flying snow of a blizzard, the thunderstorm’s rumble and the slush of slowly falling snow.

And please explore the other elements, fire, air, and earth.