Water: Element of Life

A Water Fractal

Water, in ancient lore, represents the emotions, cooling and flow. The sounds of water also invokes the first sounds a baby hears while in the womb-the fluid, the sounds of the flow in the veins.

So listen to the videos that invoke that flow, that sense of cooling.

Seas, lakes, rivers, ponds, streams are natural sources of water. So is the ocean. All brimming with life (for the most part) They flow into faucets, culverts, pools, ponds, marshes. So water is ever moving from somewhere to somewhere. In any event- facts about water;

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A Fountain at the Palace of Versailles:

The deepest lake in North America: The Great Slave Lake.

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The deepest lake in the world: Lake Baikal, in Siberia.

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America’s Deepest Lake: 1949 ft deep, considered it’s clearest lake. Created by the implosion of a volcano millenniums ago.

And there is more water: snowfall, blizzards, beaches, thunderstorms, and running water. Click on the links to get more of the water video you crave.

Once again, we introduce cats: Nine breeds that love the water. While all cats will drink the stuff, there are a few breeds that love to swim and live near the beach.