Fire: Sunrise and Sunset

Sunrise….birds in loud chorus singing through the dawn. The muffled sounds of the night suddenly start up and remind you that the day is beginning. Waking up to a quiet joy that you have seen another day-that you woke up to see it, and alive to see a promise of a better day.

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Chinese Cat Viewing the Sunrise on New Years Day

From the first flash of light in the morning, to the last ray at twilight..the beginning and ends of a day are often more beautiful than the mundane day that comes between them. Red and purple skies, shadows in unusual places, that’s sunrise and sunset. Animals stirring, animals curling up in a ball..

Spring Equinox.

Equal length night and day, the beginning of the astronomical/astrological year. The light has been increasing since the Winter Solstice to the point where day and night is equal, and will increase until the Summer Solstice.

Summer Solstice

The longest day and shortest night.

How early can the sun rise? So far that I have found is about 4:50 am. How late can the Sun rise? How early can the Sun set? How late can the Sun set? And of course there are the Spring/Fall equinoxes, where the days are an even 12 hours long.

All this applies until we get to the Arctic/Antarctic circles, where depending on season, the Sun never really rises or sets.

Fall Equinox

Equal night, Equal day, the beginning of fall season.

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Cats and Sunset

And now to the rest of the fire element: candles, stoves, fireplaces, colored lights, the beach. And the rest of the site...Sunrise and Sunset. The element of fire, warmth, light, heat and life itself.