Fire: Days of A Warm Stove

Hot coffee, fresh pancakes, a roast turkey-bellies got more satisfied when food could be eaten warm on a cold winter’s day.

Now, the everlasting question: gas, wood, or electric ?

Electric stoves can be used anywhere there’s sufficient power. There are no fumes possible, and no possibility of flames. Gas requires a gas line with its hazards, but when the power goes out, you can still cook. Wood requires a lot of air to avoid co2 issues, but wood-fired cooking has a rich flavor (depending on the wood you use), is not dependent on gas lines or power lines. Best for that cabin in the woods.

And there’s propane grills used outside.

Eating a hot meal can be so relaxing, and of course there’s always hot milk or steaming herb tea to go along with hot buttered bread. The scent of food cooking can be pretty relaxing as well, and of course, there’s leftovers after midnight to make someone get sleepy.