Fire: The Magic of the Fireplace

alabaster fireplace
Gorgeous. But would you burn logs in it?

On a winter night-there’s noting like taking some frozen toes and fingers and curling up near a fireplace. hear the quiet crackling of the fire, smell the scent of pine, cedar, sage, and just plain wood cord. Hours pass without noticing as you warm up and breathe in the scent.

Happy Sleepy Kitty

Cats love warmth-sunny ledges, sunlit rays, and of course, fireplaces. See this cat relax and snooze next to a fireplace on what is no doubt a cold snowy day.

While the campfire kept people in tents warm, a real revolution occurred with the discovery of the fireplace. Now people could stay warm indoors, with a solid set of walls and a roof. Winter was now at least bearable in places further north than before.

Find more heat and warmth while exploring the element of fire. Stay warm around the campfire while waiting for the sun to rise or set, enjoy the cooking from the stove, or watch that candle flicker..

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