Fire: Colored Lights

assorted lighted string lights
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How colored lights came to be...before, there were lights on trees, but they were candles that apparently were lit for a few minutes and and then blown out. And before that, there were Yule logs and bonfires, and candles in windows. Light during a mostly gray and cold time, when most people stayed inside.

It used to be that colored lights, except for dive bars, was strictly a Christmas phenomenon. But in recent years, we have seen Halloween lights, and colored lights used for other holidays. And the time for even Christmas lights is getting longer and longer. Back in 2016 I saw Christmas lights going into January, and even I, who usually keeps her tree up until the Super Bowl (January is gray around here)was surprised at how many were reluctant to take them down. A few Xmas things even were kept up into February…

One reason is for the greater use of colored lights I suspect the substitution of LED lights for the old incandescents. LEDs use far less power, is less prone to start fires, and because of this are used in smaller battery operated applications than the old socket based electrical cords. So it’s easier to keep lights up and put them up for more occasions. Once colored lights began no longer being a big holiday expense, it was easier to use them for Halloween and other holidays.

The World’s Largest Light Show is in…Arizona! Maybe it’s because there’s fewer worries that a snowstorm might interrupt things.

How long can a light bulb last..a list of the oldest lasting working lights. Of course they are incandecsents-but even with that, a lot of scientists are baffled at their longevity.

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