Fire: The Campfire Will Always Be Lit

photograph of a burning fire
Photo by moein moradi on

Warm toes, warm hands. Feel the heat and nod off to the fire while sitting around it. Smell the fire-cooked food that’s slightly charred at the ends and tastes like wood and smoke.

What makes this different than just an ordinary fire? Campfires are deliberately controlled by a ring of bare earth or bricks, constantly fed by whatever fuel can be found-at first dry leaves and branches, and later stray logs.

Campfires are always watched, and often always tended, like the eternal flames of later. The very first Cinderella, named because she had to sleep in the ashes, no doubt was assigned the thankless task of keeping the campfire going at night while looking out for the bears in the dark.


The campfire, probably discovered not too long after the discovery of fire itself. Traces of them about 1.9 million years old have been found. Could it be that this was the first step towards civilization?. Could be. Having to keep it up meant that there had to be cooperation. Fires have to be fueled to stay lit, and rarely can one person alone do so.

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And may your campfire always stay lit.