Air: Stars and Clouds

eta Carinae
eta Carinae

There are those who believe in the “Music of the Spheres” the sound planets make in their interactions with each other. While it’s not audible, I did hear once a tape that mimicked the supposed vibrations.

In any event, there’s plenty of “Space Music”, electronica that tries to capture the vastness of space, its awesomeness, its coldness, its precision.

There are forms of space music-but one I particularly remember with fondness is planetarium music. I remember reclining in those old theatre-like chairs, looking up at the sky, being a little sleepy, and being absorbed in the vastness and remoteness of it all. Being a city girl, seeing much more than the moon was often impossible-light pollution and living in a world where in addition to streetlights, there were security lights, lights from dozens of windows, and whatever else was used to illuminate the city.

With Youtube and others, it’s finally possible to visit those few remaining empty farm fields and look up at the millions of stars without driving miles out of town. Now it’s also possible to listen to Area 51 style music without waiting for the graveyard shift radio show, like it was back in Art Bell days (another fascination). . Or the Hearts of Space-all listened to underneath the covers before headphones

Is there something out there? There is, and it’s wonderful to look at.

And once again, there are cats among the clouds and stars.

So look up, or let yourself feel like flying when the breeze whips through your scarf. For more air: The Sky Above, Spring Breeze, Flies and Crickets, the Four Elements, and the Main Page.