Air: The Chorus of the Air

Birds, bats, crickets, bees, all of the flying things that fill the air with natural music are featured on this page.

For a long time, we could only look up to them with awe, since we were never given wings. Flying was only the stuff of legend, and living above the clouds was only for the few hardy.

Even now, we don’t live in the sky, we just create pathways through it-and not effortlessly. We still envy those flying things that can do so without fuel, metal, or carefully marked routes. We are still looking for that flying car, after all.

Crickets at night, along with the fireflies. Strong at dawn and evening. Add to the chorus frogs, owls, the occasional wolf cry, and silent night isn’t so silent in spring, summer or fall.

Owls, Owls, Owls, with their lonely hoots and moans, searching for the stay mouse too slow to get to its burrow, gracefully moving from tree to tree, and then snatching up its prey.

Morning birds, in a race with the dawn. In a somewhat quieter world, pre-daylight savings time 4:30 am would be the first time I heard the birdsong outside during the height of summer. Perhaps I heard them more because 4 am is before the traffic really starts up. Now, with it being moved to 5:30, traffic has already started up.

The bird that flies the highest of all….Ruppels Grifton Vulture? Not what we think of when we think of high flying birds. It soars to 37000 feet. We usually think of eagles, condors at the very least. The farthest? the red knot that can fly 9300 miles.

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