Air: The Sky Above

The wind around, the stars above, the electrons that make the world come alive. The ideas that create a world of intelligence and communication, that’s the element of air.

Air fractal

In mystical lore, air represents the abstract, the intellect, and the life force itself.

Take a walk outside to the porch, immerse oneself in electronic puzzles, Sit quietly listening to one’s breath in meditation done in silence. Empty and rejuvenate the mind at the same time watching these videos and following these links.

The sky above, the winds swirling around us, and the air we breathe. We call it “the breath of life”, and indeed without air the world cannot breathe. While there may be interplay between earth and fire, water and fire, air and the interchsnge between O2 and CO and the plants its feeding is the basis of life.

So heads to the sky,,,visit the rest of the Air Pages.

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