Earth: Fall Leaves

photography of fall trees
Photo by Guillaume Meurice on

Nothing like the sound of crunchy leaves on a brisk fall afternoon. This is the time of year when the woods begin to get quieter, as birds head south, people indoors, and long summer afternoons give way to sunset right after the work day. The result is a silent walk punctuated by only the fallen leaves and the few birds that are left

For many years, people have traveled far and wide to view autumn leaves in their full spendor. But this year (2020) looks likely to be virtual leaf peeping year if one does not simply look out the window at the changing leaves, or just have to open them to smell the scent of burning leaves from blocks away (Please don’t do that. It’s a fire hazard, and with climate change, so many places are drier than ever).

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Finding peace in discovering the world under it and walking upon it. Mountains, valleys, hillsides, forest paths and sand combine the sensual pleasure of grounded feet with the quiet of nature to make one with nature.

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Ahhh….cats playing in the leaves. It must feel like kitten days doing that, and finding it light as air, and so rustly.