Earth: Farm Sounds

Early in the morning, just before the sun rises, there’s the low mooing of cows as they get that early grass and hay. Ever moving slowly as if they never have a reason to run. I mean, there’s always more grass, more hay, and warm sunshine once the sun rises high enough

Not only cows, but the bleating of lambs, whinnies of horses, oinks of pigs, and even the occasional roar of a tractor can be soothing, a reminder of the endless circle of nature. Spring planting, summer tender, fall harvest, and fallow, quiet winter-the endless cycle of foodmaking and lifemaking.

Human life became more predicable and stable when people began to grow their own food instead of simply relying on whatever nature coughed up. The minds were freed to be creative, no longer spending hours looking for food and water.

Farm sounds are a reminder of that long-ago moment, and of a world that still follows the rhythm of nature instead of clocks.

Do more exploring of the world below your feet. Most of the time, people ask you to “look up”. Sometimes it’s good to look down-caves, tunnels, mountain paths, walks in the wood, from the top of valleys. There’s beauty below if we care to notice it.

And see you someday down on the farm between the farmstand and the candle display in the gift shop (I’m a city girl)