Earth: The World Below One’s Feet

In mystical lore-earth is the element of stability-and what can be more stabilizing than walking down a dirt road through a path of leaves. Or viewing stalagmites from a cave that is older than civilization itself? Or seeing an endless sky on top of a mountain?

Caves: The hollow earth below

person standing and holding lamp inside cave
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on

Valleys: Not quite mountains, but high enough to be walls

green mountain with river in the middle
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Betaab Valley

More Walks in the Woods

Sand and Stone

The shifting sands: hot, gritty. But we make castles out of them, and the silicon makes windows we could see through. Watch these videos and visualize yourself allowing the sand to run through your toes. Or building a castle with it.

brown sand
Photo by Miriam Fischer on


On top of the world-sometimes serenity is found in a place where you can see for miles –where the concerns of the world become distant as the traffic sounds begin to fade-and are distant in fact-where mountains are usually found.  Only the sounds of nature, a passing jet are there-but there’s mostly quiet.  The weather is more intense, the sunrises and sunsets more beautiful and unimpeded by buildings and sometimes even trees and rocks, the sky 360 degrees visible.

trees on mountain
Photo by Aleksey Kuprikov on

And sometimes you can even find treasure, a surface germstone, a beautiful seashell, a fossil, amber, or a long forgotten cave. So keep exploring the world below your feet.