Terra: The Jazz, Lounge And Easy Listening World

Avignon Castle, France
Lounge Outside Avignon Castle, France

From the smoky bistros of NYC, to the LA tiki clubs, modern jazz with its smooth, sophisticated sounds tend to be nowadays a bit over it all-and apart from it all. No longer the jangly sounds of ragtime or swing (which is reviving, by the way), jazz has a silky sound that moves quietly like a panther in the evening.

So listen, indeed listen some more, to the saxophone, to the samba beat, to the long midnight sets with wine and coffee.

Cats: Cool cats, smooth cats, hipcats, hepcats, jazz cats, Jazz and cats have a long history. Maybe because like cats, jazz these days is more nocturnal than daytime, more smoky night bars than daytime picnics. (Smooth hazz is an exception somehow-at least to me. Reminds me more of the beach than the club these days)

So sometimes you hear things that seem to be derivative, like say, lounge or easy listening. What, is still jazz? Well, back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, as the GI generation got older (and less limber), they needed music to drink Mai-Tais to while spending times in smoky bars. So music got a little syrupy with strings, experimented with some beach stuff, and slowed down in general,. Think of all those 1960s theme s songs: that was mostly jazzy lounge. Think of the Rat Pack, the Jetsons theme song, some stuff played at Las Vegas when the mob still ran the place.

Ferrante and Teicher. Percy Faith. Mantovani. Masters of the lush sound known as easy listening.

And the big crossover, Henry Mancini. Theme songs and charted through the monsters of Rock era.

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