Terra: Electronica

a middle eastern palace hall  of mirrors
electronic keyboard
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on Pexels.com

Welcome to the world of electronic music. While all music is created by instruments, electronic music uses purely the interplay of semiconductors and computer programming to either recreate sounds that regular instruments do, or sounds that don’t sound natural at all.

Hearts of Space-would look forward to Friday and Saturday nights to listen to sounds not only from a synthesizer, but sounds from India, music from Windham Hill and so much more. In the 90’s it was one of the few deviations from to 40 rock and top 40’s soul, and the already growing nastiness of talk radio. Falling asleep to the sound sometimes, and other times staying up in fascination to the sounds of Yanni, et al.

Long Harpsichord Performance

For me the harpsichord is the closest to electronic music that’s possible in a pre-electric world. Maybe it’s my being influenced by “Switched On” Bach. Sometimes like a coffeehouse sound from old days, sometimes like a prehistoric synth, harpsichords are versatile and elegant.

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