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Water: Element of Life

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Fountain at Versailles In any event- facts about water; The deepest lake in North America: The Great Slave Lake. The Great Slave Lake 2014 ft deep. 12 to 126 miles wide, 291 miles long, the Great Slave Lake, this massive Canadian lake is the second largest and the deepest lake in the Western Hemisphere. Named • Read More »

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Water-Rain and Thunder, Waves and Waterfalls

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Listening to the rain hit the pavement at night and the water running down the sidewalk towards the sewers. Thundery summer afternoons listening to the monsoon-like rains washing away the grime of the previous day’s heat. Waves on the shore, the legendary roar of a waterfall.  These are the soothing sounds of water. [huge_it_videogallery id=”1″]

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