Ceres: Feed the Mind and Soul With Virtual Tours

st mark s basilica in venice
Photo by Wolfgang on Pexels.com

As of this time of writing, the world is on lockdown for all but essential travel.  Domestic travel is still being allowed, but discouraged for all but the most necessary of trips.  So people are finding adventure close to home or in National Parks.

Of course, if you want to-or need to avoid this, virtual tours.  Enjoy the benefits of travel without crowds, long lines, or wondering if that tour operator’s cough is more serious than it may be.

Virtual Tour of Paris:

Virtual Tour of Mexico:

Virtual Tour of  Washington, DC

Virtual Tour of Chicago:

National Parks, State Parks, and Natural Beauty: A list of America’s National Parks. 


Big open skies and wooded places would seem to be a refuge from all of this.  But so many people go to them that the parks have to take extraordinary precautions to safeguard visitors.  So avoid all that by taking virtual tours and save your efforts to physically go when it’s safe to go, and when they are fully open again.

arche de triumph
Photo by TravelingTart on Pexels.com

Working on this page brought up for me the whole idea of being apart for a long time, and not knowing when we’ll be able to be together. When even going to the grocery store is an adventure, going on a trip with someone seems like a trip to Mars. But don’t give up hope. Someday we will be able to visit the Eiffel Tower in person. Sooner than we know, walk the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Throw a penny into the Thames. Eat truly Mexican food in Mexico City. But until then….So When The Lights Go on Again, and Someday We’ll Be Together. Thanks, Vera Lynn, and thank you too, the Supremes.

So safely explore the world virtually. And visit the rest of this site as well.