Ceres: Remedies and Potions

In ancient days, Ceres was the goddess of agriculture, and therefore of nourishment. Cereal, and my cat, are named after her.  Not at all incongruous, as carbs and cereals can also make you sleepy as well. Crackers and peanut butter. A warm cup of tea and cookies. Thanksgiving dressing and a cup of wine.  All of these can help you drift off to sleep it eaten late enough. And a hungry person finds sleep hard to come by.

Is there a best approach or substance? I don’t think there is a best approach, any more than there is a best relaxation video. Sometimes more is needed, sometimes less, for relaxation. These are just a few suggestions I have here. By no means is my list exhaustive or even thorough. Here they are:

Valerian and chamomile.  Taken in either herb or capsule form, both are popular herbs for sleeping. Valerian is an old flowering herb, usually found in capsules.  To me they taste like old socks, clean but stored in the drawer.  Chamomile is either taken alone or combined with other herbs in teas.   For me, good with lemon at night.

Wine and other alcoholic beverages are sometimes used for sleep. But there are drawbacks. Interaction with other drugs, dependence and much more. But an occasional drink or toddy may not be  a problem if you have no other issues and are careful.

My experience with CBD has been good for far. It seems to have taken care of a lot of small anxieties, improved my writing, and I sleep better than before-when I have it.

In spite of the fact that it is hemp-based and non psychoactive, the ability to obtain CBD varies from state to state. If in doubt, google your state. With this time, in person shopping is not all that advisable, I found that Amazon has CBD gummies.

Sleep apps-programs that help in relaxation-10 Best Sleep Apps According to Women’s Health.

I already have one on my phone-the free version, and I found it soothing the times I’ve used it.  One advantage of using apps is of course, medical.  No interference with anything you are already taking, so it’s perfectly safe.  Permanent as long as the app is compatible with computer or phone. Can be used anytime-but as my hypnosis tape reminds me, be careful while driving or other complex and dangerous tasks.

Of course, if issues with sleep persist, there may be underlying medical issues. Sleep medicine can find out what the problem is, whether it’s sleep apnea or some other medical condition.

Hypnosis, the first introduction into non-drug relaxation. Some of the first hypnosis applications beyond amusement are sleep records, sessions and tapes. As life became faster and a bit more frantic, a in-person hypnosis session wasn’t always possible. So tapes and other things came into being. Potentials Unlimited brought these things to the general public, and I strongly recommend it-just 45 minutes long and has both a subliminal and a hypnotic side.

For still more substance, check out these pages: Virtual Tours and 24 hour radio streams.  And of course, the other elements, and the musical pages as well.