Ceres:Online Radio

Thanks to youtube and other services, there are 24/7 streams of relaxing music as well, far more than I could possibly fit on these sites, let alone on this page. Feel free to linger here and listen to them and appreciate the serenity.

Endless Rainstorm:

Endless waves:

Endless snow:  Like living at the North Pole-Santa’s version with hot cocoa and a warm fire and bright colors all year round.

Endless Space Music:  Move into the planetarium with this stream.  Spend endless hours looking at the sky, marveling at the endless movement of the stars and planets.  Suns rise and fall endlessly on endless horizons and you watch the endless spins of the planets, the many comets, the twinkling stars.

So enjoy this endless morning forest chorus whenever you can.

Or believe or a moment you are at the helm of your favorite starship, enjoying a view of space with no horizon and no end.

Endless Birdsong:

Here, it’s always 5:30 am, when the day birds rustle the nests and their heads and start to sing.  For an hour or so, birds are the loudest things out there before the traffic starts, the sun rises, and the sound of 1000 televisions drown out the singing bird.  In nature, this ends all too soon unless you work in the country or live in a world beyond pavement.

Enjoy the endless antics of critters-they always are doing something.