Ceres: A World of Nourishment

The Goddess Ceres (or Demeter) was the goddess of grain, and thereby of nourishment. Which makes her a good overseer over this section. Part of feeding your mind is rest and happiness. But it isn’t just what you see and hear sometimes, sometimes you need something to help the body relax.

While obviously comfort food is a matter of personal choice, some foods are commonly believed to be: warm milk, and the chocolate version, various herb teas, turkey. Other foods believed to be calming are almonds, asparagus, brazil nuts, spinach and oats (there’s actually a list). Somehow the milk stuff seems better for a midnight snack with graham crackers. Also salmon croquettes for dinner with perhaps an oatmeal based breading.

Lay off the caffeine late at night-no regular coffee, tea, or Diet Pepsi. Try decaf or Fresca, even water if you crave fizzly stuff after 8 pm. You want to get some sleep, and if you are wired around 11 pm, sleep is not what you are going to get.

Another calming food are berries and yogurt-combine the two with again, graham crackers, and that’s another midnight snack that’s tasty and calming. Also that handful of almonds/or peanut butter as well.

What about drugs? This is an area where the best advice I can give you is to talk to a medical professional. I am not one, and I don’t play one anywhere in the media. And if you find anything on this site problematical, also seek professional advice.

Check out the other pages in this section for more ways to find serenity through natural substances, food, or apps. Sometimes just window-shopping helps at times. And of course, there is the rest of the site to explore as well.