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There is more than one blog here on, because there is more than one subject I am interested in, and they are too deep and diverse to fit into a single blog.

Now to my blogs:

CarolDuhart2’s Higher Ground and Townsquare

As above, so below. I consider it two things: a language to help understand the world that works.

CarolDuhart2’s Whitehouse Politics and Civics
Whitehouse, Washington,DC.

A lifelong interest that started with watching the world turn upside down between my Saturday cartoons. It began with Kennedy dollars and wondering why there were places I couldn’t go. Then sleeping on the floor during two riots and going to school in the morning while tanks were parked on the street. It was having relatives flirting with the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam. And those social justice nuns I ran into in high school. Thanks all for cultivating my curiosity and a lifetime habit of voting.

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Anything that doesn’t fit into the blogs above, and any personal musings I may have that aren’t on topic.

And explore the other parts of my site: The Four Elements, video of soothing natural phenomena, Ceres-Substances and Methods for finding relaxation, Terra-A Musical World, and my posts.